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by Wyqer, veteran29
Argument(s): global
Effect(s): global


Tells the group to fire artillery barrage on waypoint/position.
File path for scripted waypoint: vn\missions_f_vietnam\functions\waypoint\fn_waypoint_Artillery.sqf

Uses VN_ms_fnc_waypoint_doArtilleryFire.


[group, position, owner, amount, magazine, radius] call VN_ms_fnc_waypoint_artillery
group: Group - artillery group
position: Array - artillery strike location
owner: Object - (Optional, default leader group) will wait until owner has its simulation enabled
amount: Number - (Optional, default 5 + random 3) number of rounds to be fired by every artillery weapon
magazine: String - (Optional, default first found magazine) magazine to fire
precision: Number - (Optional, default 50) strike precision radius, in meter
Return value
Boolean - function's success


Example 1
[artiGrp, getMarkerPos "enemyBase", objNull, 50, , 125] call VN_ms_fnc_waypoint_artillery;