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Argument Name Description
author Author function's author(s)
v Version S.O.G. Prairie Fire's version.
Note: not Arma 3 version!
a Arguments locality l, loc or local for local arguments, g, glob or global for global arguments
e Effect(s) locality same as a for effect(s) locality
n Network server if this function is server-side only - anything else will be discarded
g1..g5 Group Function's group (weapon, vehicle, module, etc)
d Description Function summary, e.g Sets provided unit's direction.
s Syntax e.g <code>[unit, 45] call [[VN_fnc_setDir]];</code>
Parameters - p1..10
p1n Parameter 1 name (identifier) e.g unit, dir, etc.
p1t Parameter 1 type String, Number, etc.
Note: no need to use wiki formatting (like [[String]]) - simply type s, str or string - see Template:DataType for possible values.
p1d Parameter 1 description e.g Sets unit's direction.
p1v Parameter 1 default value e.g 10
Return value - r1..5
r1t Returned value type e.g Number - same note as p1t
r1d Returned value description e.g Angle set
Examples - x1..10
x1 Example 1 e.g <code>[player, 45] call [[VN_fnc_setDir]]</code>.
Note: be sure to use the HTML <code></code> tags around code.



|author= author

|v= 1.00

|a= argumentsLocality

|e= effectsLocality

|n= serverOnly

|g1= group

|d= description

|s= [] call [[FUNCTION]]

|p1n= identifier
|p1t= type
|p1d= description
|p1v= defaultValue

|p2n= identifier
|p2t= type
|p2d= description
|p2v= defaultValue

|r1t= type
|r1d= description

|x1= example1



|author= John Doe

|v= 1.00

|a= loc

|e= global

|n= server

|g1= Command Group

|d= Sets provided unit's direction.

|s= [unit, direction] call [[VN_fnc_setDir]]

|p1n= unit
|p1t= object
|p1d= the unit to sets direction
|p1v= objNull

|p2n= direction
|p2t= number
|p2d= the direction value
|p2v= 0

|r1t= number
|r1d= set direction

|x1= <code>[player, 45] call [[VN_fnc_setDir]];</code>


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by John Doe
Argument(s): local
Effect(s): global
Execution: Server only


Sets provided unit's direction.


[unit, direction] call VN_fnc_setDir
unit: Object - (Optional, default objNull) the unit to sets direction
direction: Number - (Optional, default 0) the direction value
Return value
Number - set direction


Example 1
[player, 45] call VN_fnc_setDir;