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  • type: one of:
Data Type Aliases
Anything any, anything
Array a, arr, array
Boolean b, bool, boolean
Code code
Config conf, config
Control ctrl, control
Diary Record diary, diaryrecord
Display d, disp, display
Group g, grp, group
Location l, loc, location
Namespace namespace
Number n, num, number
Object o, obj, object
Position pos, position
Position2D pos2D, position2D
PositionAGL posAGL, positionAGL
PositionASL posASL, positionASL
PositionASLW posASLW, positionASLW
PositionATL posATL, positionATL
Script (Handle) handle, script, scripthandle
Side side
String s, str, string
Structured Text text, structuredtext
Task t, tsk, task
Team Member teammember
Code Result
{{DataType}} Nothing
{{DataType|-}} Nothing
{{DataType|num}} Number
{{DataType|s}} String
{{DataType|number, boolean or str}} number, boolean or str