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by Wyqer, veteran29
Argument(s): global
Effect(s): global
Execution: Server only


Adds a vehicle to the VN Vehicle respawn system.


[vehicle, delay, outDistance, outTime, ifDisabled, notify, initCode, name] call VN_ms_module_fnc_vehicleRespawn_add
vehicle: Object - vehicle to respawn
delay: Number - (Optional, default 30) respawn delay, in seconds
outDistance: Number - (Optional, default 1000) abandon distance
outTime: Number - (Optional, default 0) abandon time, in seconds (0 = disabled)
ifDisabled: Boolean - (Optional, default true) respawn when vehicle is unable to move
notify: Boolean - notify player of the vehicle's respawn
initCode: Code - (Optional, default {}) code to be executed upon respawn. Arguments: params ["_oldVehicle", "_newVehicle"];
name: String - (Optional, default "") name used in respawn notification
Return value
Boolean - function's success


Example 1
[sogJeep, 10, 500, 300, true, true, {}, "The Great™ Jeep"] call VN_ms_module_fnc_vehicleRespawn_add;