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by Wyqer, veteran29
Argument(s): n/a
Effect(s): global


Spawn waves attacking an area. Uses VN_ms_fnc_tracker_positionVisible, VN_ms_fnc_tracker_getHiddenPos and VN_ms_fnc_tracker_spawnGroup.


[destination, posOrRadius, wavesCount, delay, condition, ao, side, groupSpawnCode, wpRadius, wpCompletion] call VN_ms_fnc_tracker_attackArea
destination: Position - attacked position
posOrRadius: Array or Number - (Optional, default 200) attackers spawn position(s) or radius around destination
wavesCount: Number - (Optional, default 10) amount of enemy waves
delay: Number - (Optional, default 45) delay between waves - not a "cooldown between waves" but delay between spawning: previous wave dead or not
condition: Code - (Optional, default { true }) spawn condition code
ao: String or Array - (Optional, default "") if provided, 50% chances of the spawned group to be of "Avalanche" kind (track enemy until killed)
side: Side - (Optional, default east) waves side
groupSpawnCode: Code - (Optional, default {}) code to be executed on each spawned groups (passed as _this)
wpRadius: Number - (Optional, default 20) attack waypoint completion radius
wpCompletion: String - (Optional, default nil) attack waypoint statement - if ommited, default Tracker/Avalanche behaviour is applied on completion (track enemy until killed)
Return value
Array - spawned groups


Example 1
[markerPos "sog_base", 150, 3, 15] call VN_ms_fnc_tracker_attackArea;