VN fnc module UI gestureMenu init custom

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|v= 1.00

|author= Dscha

|a= global

|e= local

|g1= gesture_menu

|d= Loads up the CUSTOM Version for the Gesture-Wheelmenu and adds Keyhandler. Default key: Y (on a QWERTY keyboard).

|s= [logic, units, isActivated] call VN_fnc_module_UI_gestureMenu_init_custom

|p1n= logic |p1t= object |p1d= the module logic |p1v=

|p2n= units |p2t= Array of Object |p2d= synchronised units |p2v=

|p3n= isActivated |p3t= boolean |p3d= is the module activated |p3v= true

|r1t= |r1d=

|x1= [module, units group player, true] call [[VN_fnc_module_UI_gestureMenu_init_custom; }}