VN fnc log isLoaded

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|v= 1.00

|author= Ethan Johnson

|a= global

|e= local

|g1= Logistics

|d= Checks if the object is loaded at all or if a vehicle is also passed checks if the object is loaded in the vehicle. If vehicle is not provided then it will only check if the object is loaded in any vehicle.

|s= [object, vehicle] call VN_fnc_log_isLoaded

|p1n= object |p1t= object |p1d= object that may be loaded |p1v=

|p2n= vehicle |p2t= object |p2d= vehicle inventory |p2v= objNull

|r1t= boolean |r1d= true if loaded, false if not

|x1= [myCargo, sogJeep] call [[VN_fnc_log_isLoaded }}