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by Ethan Johnson
Argument(s): n/a
Effect(s): unknown


End mission with either a fade to black or a cinematic outro.


[_endName,_win,_fade,_playMusic,_cancelTasks,_end_code] call VN_fnc_endMission;
_endName: String - (Optional, default "end1") CfgDebriefing class which is used as the mission ending template.
_win: Boolean - (Optional, default true) Win/Loss.
_fade: BOOL/NUMBER - (Optional, default true) NUMBER to fade to black in X seconds, BOOL to do special outro.
_playMusic: Boolean - (Optional, default true) BOOL to play music.
_cancelTasks: Boolean - (Optional, default false) BOOL to cancel tasks that haven't been completed.
_end_code: Code - (Optional, default {true}) CODE to call after splash, but before debriefing screen shows.
Return value
Boolean - Function reached the end.


Example 1
["end1"] call vn_fnc_endMission;