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by Ethan Johnson
Argument(s): n/a
Effect(s): unknown


Main function for the water fall module.


[_object,_speed,_size,_coeff,_lifetime] call VN_fnc_water_fall;
_object: Object - (Optional, default OBJNULL) Object which will handle the particle source
_speed: Number - (Optional, default 1) Speed at which the particles should leave the source
_size: Number - (Optional, default 1) Size of the particles when they spawn
_coeff: Number - (Optional, default 10) Multiplier which will be used with the size of the particles at the end of the fall
_lifetime: Number - (Optional, default 5) Lifetime of the particles
Return value
Object - Particle source object


Example 1
[parameter] call vn_fnc_myFunction