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by Ethan Johnson, from BIS_fnc_showSubtitle
Argument(s): n/a
Effect(s): local


Displays a subtitle at the bottom of the screen. See BIS_fnc_showSubtitle.


[from, text, useTitleRsc, useCamPos] call VN_fnc_showSubtitle
from: String - (Optional, default "") speaker's display name
text: String - (Optional, default "") subtitle content
useTitleRsc: Boolean - (Optional, default false) forces titleRsc usage for subtitles
useCamPos: Boolean - (Optional, default false) forces the text to the bottom of the SafeZone
Return value
Script (Handle) - script controlling the displayed subtitle


Example 1
[name player, "Wow, it's so warm here!"] call VN_fnc_showSubtitle;