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|x1= <code>[module, units group player, true] call [[VN_fnc_module_onslaught</code>
|x1= <code>[module, units group player, true] call [[VN_fnc_module_onslaught]]</code>

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by Ethan Johnson
Argument(s): global
Effect(s): global


Module init for the Onslaught module system, gathers and spawns units at predefined spawn points and gives them their tactic orders.


[logic, units, isActivated] call VN_fnc_module_onslaught
logic: Object - the module logic
units: Array of Object - synchronised units
isActivated: Boolean - (Optional, default true) is the module activated
Return value


Example 1
[module, units group player, true] call VN_fnc_module_onslaught