VN fnc log pickupLogisticItem

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|v= 1.00

|author= Ethan Johnson


|e= global

|g1= Logistics

|d= Picks up object the player is looking at. Creates a loop that moves the object in the direction of the players camera. Stops when player dies, places object, gets into a vehicle or becomes incapacitated.

|s= [player, cursorObject] call VN_fnc_log_pickupLogisticItem

|p1n= player |p1t= object |p1d= unit picking the item up |p1v=

|p2n= cursorObject |p2t= object |p2d= picked-up item |p2v=

|r1t= boolean |r1d= true on success, false on error

|x1= [player, sogJeep] call [[VN_fnc_log_pickupLogisticItem }}