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by ZoZo, modified by Riccardo Argiolas, mmodified further by Ethan Johnson
Argument(s): n/a
Effect(s): unknown


Function that exectues a user-defined code when a key has been held down for a long enough time.


[_display,_keyToPress,_timeToPress,_code,_textControl] call VN_fnc_holdkey;
_display: Display - (Optional, default findDisplay 12) On what display it should be working (map display is default)
_keyToPress: Number - (Optional, default 57) What key to press
_timeToPress: Number - (Optional, default 3) How long the key has to be held down
_code: Code - (Optional, default {}) Code to be executed when key is held down for long enough
_textControl: Control - (Optional, default controlNull) Text control to be used in place of the default "Press X to skip" control.
Return value