Quality of Life Module

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Quality of Life Module

This page will guide you through adding the Quality of Life module to your mission.

This module adds Quality of Life options to your mission. At the moment only an earplugs option is currently available.

Eden Editor

To add the module to your mission all you need to do is place the module Quality of Life into your mission.

Then you can open the attributes of the module and select the quality of life additions that you would like added to your mission automatically.

  • Player Earplugs
    • Gives player the Earplugs In/Earplugs Out option in their action menu which reduces the volume of the effects audio. This does not effect music, VOIP, or radio audio.

Only one module needs to be placed in a mission.

Configuration Files

This module does not use any configuration files

During Gameplay

Players can use their earplugs through the action menu.

The earplugs will reduce the effects volume down to 20% of the regular effects volume. This does not effect music, VOIP, or radio audio.