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Photo Camera

Saving photos to disk

To enable saving of the camera photos to the disk place "Enable Photo Camera Picture Saving" (vn_module_photo_camera_enable_screenshots) module in the mission. The feature uses Arma 3 screenshot command and the same limitations apply to it.

The screenshots are saved to your current profile directory:
Documents\Arma 3\Screenshots
Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\<profile>\Screenshots


Handling pictures being taken

Every time player "captures" a picture the vn_photoCamera_pictureTaken scripted event is emitted locally.

[true, "vn_photoCamera_pictureTaken", {
	params ["_cursorTarget"];
	hint format ["You've taken a photo of %1", getText (configOf _cursorTarget >> "displayName")];
}] call BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler;

Disabling feature

To disable the feature set the vn_photoCamera_allowed variable to false

missionNamespace setVariable ["vn_photoCamera_allowed", false];

Camera feature for other weapons

To enable photo saving via other weapons add them as a key to vn_photoCameras hashmap.

vn_photoCameras set ["Rangefinder", true];

To disable photo saving for weapon remove it from vn_photoCameras hashmap.

vn_photoCameras deleteAt "vn_camera_01";