Multiplayer Missions

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Find below an overview of the classnames for available Multiplayer Missions in Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire.

Mission Lists

Cooperative Missions

Shown Name Classname Terrain classname Description
01 CO14: Eldest Son vn_coop_01 Cam_Lao_Nam N/A
02 CO15: Spindown vn_coop_02 Cam_Lao_Nam N/A
03 CO15: Bright Light vn_coop_03 Cam_Lao_Nam N/A
04 CO14: Asthtray vn_coop_04 Cam_Lao_Nam N/A
05 CO15: Ma Bell vn_coop_05 Cam_Lao_Nam N/A
06 CO15: Oscar Eight vn_coop_06 Cam_Lao_Nam N/A
07 CO12: Eldest Son II vn_coop_07 vn_Khe_Sanh N/A
08 CO8: Black Spear vn_coop_08 Cam_Lao_Nam N/A