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Missions dialogs list

Config Class String key Text
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_01_01 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO01_01 LZ spotted, standby for insertion.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_01_02 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO01_02 COVEY, Spike Team COLUMBIA. All clear.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_01_03 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO01_03 COLUMBIA this is COVEY, Roger, Good hunting. Out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_01_04 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO01_04 COVEY, COLUMBIA, We need extraction. Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_01_05 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO01_05 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, head south. Out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_01_06 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO01_06 COVEY, COLUMBIA, Prairie Fire! Prairie Fire! They're comin' for us... HOW COPY?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_01_07 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO01_07 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, Wait out. All callsigns this is COVEY 46 declaring a Prairie Fire Emergency. COLUMBIA head to the Lima Zulu, We'll walk nape down your back trail. Good luck!
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_01_08 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO01_08 COVEY, COLUMBIA, They're on top of us! Give me 20 mike mike, rockets and nape all along our front, or we're never gonna make it.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_01_09 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO01_09 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, Air is coming in hot... Just keep your heads down and keep on shooting, the Kingbees will be there in 2 mikes.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_01_10 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO01_10 Hello! COLUMBIA do you guys need a ride home?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_01_11 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO01_11 KINGBEE, I'm gonna kiss you when we land you sweet mother fucker
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_01_12 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO01_12 Ha ha Du ma! Crazy trung-si! You dinky-dau! Maybe I shoot you if you try to kiss me! You go kill beaucoup VC for me OK?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_01 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_01 COLUMBIA this is MINUTEMAN 45, we'll be inserting you today. We're standing by at the flight-line. S-4 left you some presents here boys.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_02 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_02 LZ in sight, 2 mikes, lock n load
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_03 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_03 COLUMBIA, this is COVEY, Trucks destroyed. Well done! However, there are more coming. You can stay and destroy more trucks or request extraction now.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_04 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_04 COLUMBIA, COVEY, roger, slicks inbound, three mikes.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_05 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_05 Hi COLUMBIA you guys ready to go home?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_06 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_06 Hi MINUTEMAN, yeah we're sure glad to see you. Beers are on us at the recon club tonight.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_07 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_07 COLUMBIA, COVEY, you got a problem! Hillsboro reports enemy triple A surrounding the site. No extraction possible. Bug out of there on foot.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_08 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_08 COVEY, COLUMBIA, Roger, heading South. Out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_09 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_09 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, No Tac-Air today, you'll have to run as far south as you can get.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_10 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_10 COVEY, COLUMBIA, They're on top of us. Where are the Slicks?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_11 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_11 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, slicks will be there in 2 mikes.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_12 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_12 Hi MINUTEMAN, yeah we're sure glad you made it in here. Beers are on us at the recon club tonight.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_13 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_13 COLUMBIA, this is COVEY, we got a problem. You're boxed in. The Slicks can't make it in there. Break south. I say again!. Break south. No extraction.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_14 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_14 COVEY, COLUMBIA, Any sign of Lima Zulu? Can't see anywhere down here. Got voices all around us. Situation is critical. Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_15 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_15 COLUMBIA, COVEY, OK it's a long-shot. Hillsboro has detoured a Commando Vault package. Mark your location with smoke NOW.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_16 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_16 COVEY, COLUMBIA, OK I see it, heading to the target.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_17 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_17 Geez, COLUMBIA you guys sure know how to throw a party. Just look at the place!
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_01 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_01 Bright Light emergency! A Kingbee has gone down, crashed in the trees. Let's get the team on board. It's showtime boys!
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_02 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_02 There's the crash site. We'll set you down here.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_03 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_03 COVEY this is Spike Team COLUMBIA. Moving out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_04 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_04 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger that, Good hunting. Out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_05 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_05 COVEY, COLUMBIA, Crash site secure.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_06 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_06 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, what's the sitrep on the package? Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_07 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_07 COVEY, COLUMBIA, Package 1 secure, 3 KIA to pick up. Package 2 is probably nearby, moving to locate. Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_08 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_08 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, RT Raleigh will extract the KIAs, I have a lot of air standing by for you. Just say the word. Out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_09 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_09 COVEY, COLUMBIA, We're onto Package 2. Going underground for a time. Will be off-comms. If we don't come out, order an Arc-Light on this grid.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_10 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_10 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, I have your grid. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. I need to check in with another team but I will be back when you need me. Good luck down there. Out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_11 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_11 COLUMB…, …VEY…hurry… large enemy for….overrun…say again…
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_12 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_12 COVEY, COLUMBIA, We're out. We have Package 2, one pilot. Give me a Lima Zulu. I say again, Package two is secured. Requesting Lima Zulu, over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_13 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_13 COLUMBIA COVEY Good to hear from you again, you need to move your team out. There are enemy forces converging from the north, east and west
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_14 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_14 All callsigns this is COVEY 46 declaring a Prairie Fire Emergency. Voodoo callsigns begin your runs. Start dropping your ordnance to the November of the marked site.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_15 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_15 COVEY, COLUMBIA, They're onto us! Requesting snakes and nape all along our back trail to our November echo, repeat to our November echo. We need it now!
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_16 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_16 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, We're hammering your back trail. There's a thousand of them sons of bitches... Keep your heads down... CONDOR is on the way. Will be there in 2 mikes.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_17 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_17 Hey COLUMBIA let's get going, beaucoup VC will be on us soon.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_18 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_18 CONDOR, I'm sure glad to see you. Get us outta this hell-hole.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_03_19 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO03_19 Damn you sure stirred up an ants nest down here. At least Covey will get a good body count! …… That's a real good thing you done for our Vietnamese crews. They believe if the body is left behind and not buried in their homeland, the soul will forever wander the jungles in pain and suffering.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_01 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_01 LZ spotted, standby for insertion.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_02 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_02 COVEY this is Spike Team COLUMBIA. All clear.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_03 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_03 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger. Watch out for some triple-A in your target. We just took hits from your Echo. Good hunting. Out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_04 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_04 COVEY this is Spike Team COLUMBIA. Team at RON site. Beware confirmed triple-A site to our Sierra. See you on the flipside.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_05 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_05 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, sleep tight, check in with Moonbeam later.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_06 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_06 MOONBEAM this is Spike Team COLUMBIA. Team at RON site. NVA very close, over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_07 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_07 COLUMBIA, this is MOONBEAM. Roger, we'll monitor your signal. If you need help we can bring up a SPECTRE, over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_08 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_08 MOONBEAM, Roger thanks. Let's see how it plays out. COLUMBIA out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_09 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_09 COLUMBIA, COVEY, How you guys going down there? Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_10 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_10 COVEY this is COLUMBIA. Heading for the road, tracking triple-A team, over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_11 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_11 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger. We'll be on station for your snatch today. Kingbees will be orbiting. COVEY out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_12 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_12 COVEY, COLUMBIA, Prairie Fire! Prairie Fire! We need extraction NOW! Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_13 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_13 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, Wait out. All callsigns this is COVEY 59 declaring a Prairie Fire Emergency. COLUMBIA head to the Lima Zulu and I'll start wasting your back trail.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_14 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_14 COVEY, COLUMBIA, They're close to us! Give me rockets and nape to the trees to ECHO. I say again splash our ECHO.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_15 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_15 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, Air is coming in hot... Keep shooting, the Kingbees will be there in 2 mikes.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_16 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_16 Hi COLUMBIA did you guys run into trouble here?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_17 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_17 KINGBEE, we're getting on now. Thanks for the pickup.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_04_18 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO04_18 Ok team, stop eyeing up our prize. It ain't happening! This is our ticket to a whole bunch of Taipei pussy.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_01 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_01 There's your LZ, looks quiet down there, you good?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_02 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_02 COVEY, this is Spike Team COLUMBIA. All clear.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_03 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_03 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger. It looks busy down there to the November and Echo, I'll bring the air back as soon as you need it. Covey out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_04 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_04 HILLSBORO, COLUMBIA. Pattern Gold, I say again, Pattern Gold.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_05 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_05 COLUMBIA, HILLSBORO, receiving you 3 by 5. Roger. Pattern Gold acknowledged.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_06 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_06 COVEY, COLUMBIA. Team at RON site, over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_07 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_07 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, Moonbeam will check in with you tonight.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_08 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_08 MOONBEAM, this is Spike Team COLUMBIA, how copy? Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_09 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_09 COLUMBIA, this is MOONBEAM. Good copy. We're on station, weather's turning patchy. Stay safe. Moonbeam out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_10 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_10 COLUMBIA, this is COVEY 6, Covey 6 calling ST Columbia, how do you read, over?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_11 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_11 COVEY, this is Spike Team COLUMBIA, Good morning! All good here. We're on the move, but will need you soon, over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_12 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_12 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, Weathers patchy. We have a fair bit of air scheduled. Be here when you need it, over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_13 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_13 COVEY, COLUMBIA, Prairie Fire! Prairie Fire! Need extraction... need tac-air... over
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_14 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_14 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, Break. All callsigns this is COVEY 6 calling a Prairie Fire Emergency.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_15 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_15 COVEY, COLUMBIA, they're all around us! Give me rockets in the trees to our NOVEMBER and ECHO. I say again NOVEMBER and ECHO.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_16 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_16 COVEY, this is HARE LEAD 5, we got a pink team here to mix it up a little. Where do you want it?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_17 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_17 HARE LEAD, COVEY, Roger, Glad to have you. Spike Team is to your Sierra. Light up everything to November of the willie pete. With this weather you're all we've got. Break. COLUMBIA, COVEY, continue heading Sierra, how copy?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_18 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_18 COVEY, COLUMBIA, sorry there was too much ordnance going on. Good copy! Moving Sierra, out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_19 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_19 COVEY, HARE LEAD 5, what else do ya need? We have nails and HE.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_20 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_20 HARE LEAD, COVEY, Roger, Keep working the trees to the November of the lemon smoke, there's plenty more of them bastards down there.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_21 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_21 OK COVEY, where are you taking us? This ride's getting hot.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_22 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_22 COLUMBIA, COVEY, LZ is one click Sierra, wide open, but the pink teams got you covered. You'll know it when you see it... Keep moving, the Gnats will be there in 5 mikes.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_23 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_23 COVEY, we have a BICYCLE. Tell HQ it might get us more air.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_24 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_24 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, confirm a living BICYCLE?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_25 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_25 COVEY, that's a Roger. Now get us out of here.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_26 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_26 COLUMBIA, GNAT 7 here, come to fly you guys home.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_27 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_27 GNAT, We're ready to go, get in here.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_28 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_28 Hey is that guy a General?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_05_29 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO05_29 Negative he's a colonel, and boy does he look pissed.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_01 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_01 There's your LZ, like landing on the moon!
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_02 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_02 Mayday Mayday! We're going down! Heavy enemy AA...
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_03 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_03 This is COVEY 5 calling a Prairie Fire emergency. 2 Ships are down, no survivors. Bring in everything we got. Chase ships stand-by, BREAK, COLUMBIA, I'm sorry, the AA is too heavy for extraction.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_04 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_04 COVEY, Columbia, roger, get us help now!
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_05 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_05 This is COVEY 5… seein' tanks… PT76s... comin' from... Whisky of Oscar Eight... need fast movers and gunships. Taking fire... heavy AA…. Team in trouble….
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_06 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_06 MUSKET 5 commencing run, holy shit this is hot... Yee Ha.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_07 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_07 MUSKET 5, EAGLE CLAW 41, we're right on your six, going for the boats.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_08 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_08 COVEY 5 this is VOODOO 6, strike package on station, 1 mike out, where do you want it?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_09 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_09 VOODOO 6, COVEY, roger, tanks in the open to the Whiskey of the road, marked with willie pete, how copy?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_10 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_10 VOODOO 6, smoke seen, rolling in.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_11 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_11 VOODOO 6, COVEY, good effect! You really knocked them dead
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_12 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_12 Mayday mayday, VOODOO 5 is hit!
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_13 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_13 VOODOO 5 is down… his wing exploded… no parachutes… they're gone.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_14 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_14 SUNDOWNER strike package on station, whaddya need?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_15 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_15 SUNDOWNER 6, COVEY, good timing, give me nape all along the ridge line to the echo of the river.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_16 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_16 SUNDOWNER 6 roger, commencing run.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_17 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_17 SUNDOWNER good effect, repeat strike...
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_18 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_18 COVEY, COLUMBIA, light casualties, a lot of action, any news on extraction? We're in the middle of a regimental HQ, there's some sort of radar 100 feet in front of us over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_19 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_19 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, glad to hear your voice, can't extract yet, too much AA... That may be the fire direction radar, can you mark it?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_20 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_20 COVEY, COLUMBIA, roger, we'll try.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_21 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_21 COVEY, MUSKET 5, we are Winchester on ammo, off-station, will be back as soon as we're rearm.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_22 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_22 COVEY, COLUMBIA, target marked, over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_23 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_23 COLUMBIA, COVEY, roger smoke seen, OK move echo towards the blue, we'll focus on that target now… get the team clear.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_24 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_24 COVEY, COLUMBIA radar is down. Tell HQ we need more air, and FAST.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_25 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_25 COLUMBIA, COVEY, Roger, good work, move to your echo, we'll try and get you out near the blue.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_26 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_26 COVEY, COLUMBIA, we can't get near it, heading for the river.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_27 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_27 COVEY, this is Eagle Claw 41. I'm done with your western targets, focussing on the river. Where's your team located?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_28 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_28 EAGLE CLAW, COVEY, Roger, Team is on the western shore awaiting extraction, see what you can do to help them.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_29 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_29 COVEY, Eagle Claw, roger. The AA is heavier up high, coming from the eastern side of the mountain, suggest getting the team over the river and extracting from right underneath their fire, over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_30 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_30 EAGLE CLAW, COVEY, Roger, break. Columbia, can you guys get across the blue? How copy?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_31 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_31 COVEY, COLUMBIA, FUCK! Well… we can try, just get us an extract.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_32 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_32 Columbia, COVEY, Roger, Break All callsigns keep suppressing those bastards so we can get the team across the blue.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_33 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_33 MINUTEMAN, you OK to extract, follow blue in from south, keep low, and pick up the team on the western bank, over
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_34 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_34 MINUTEMAN, do you copy? over
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_35 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_35 Covey, Roger this is MINUTEMAN 2, standing by, we'll get them out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_36 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_36 Minuteman 2? I heard you go down? How in hell...?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_37 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_37 Covey, Roger, we got picked up and grabbed a chase ship at Camp Eagle, no way we're gonna leave these guys here...
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_38 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_38 ABORT! ABORT! Minuteman they got another patrol boat down there...
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_39 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_39 COVEY, Eagle Claw, engaging boat… c'mon you fucker, get some!
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_40 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_40 Hey Columbia, you comin or what?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_06_41 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO06_41 COLUMBIA, COVEY! How're you holding up?
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_01 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_01 MOONSHINE 5, NEPTUNE 6, primary objectives complete. Moving to OP. Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_02 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_02 NEPTUNE 6, MOONSHINE 5, Roger. Any problems getting you out? Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_03 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_03 MOONSHINE 5, NEPTUNE, The way is clear, extract should be fine, NEPTUNE out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_04 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_04 NEPTUNE 6, MOONSHINE 5, We’re hearing alarms, are you guys ok? Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_05 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_05 MOONSHINE 5, NEPTUNE, We had to go loud, still some tasks to deal with, will see what we can do here. NEPTUNE out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_06 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_06 MOONSHINE 5, NEPTUNE 6, we’re at the OP now, there are several sites in view. We’re gonna see if we can do somethin’ about them. Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_07 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_07 NEPTUNE 6, MOONSHINE 5, Roger, we’ll wait for your OK. MOONSHINE 5 out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_08 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_08 MOONSHINE 5, NEPTUNE 6, we’re back at the OP, secondary sites are set to blow. Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_09 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_09 NEPTUNE 6, MOONSHINE 5, Roger, Strike package is close, keep eyes on, MOONSHINE out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_10 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_10 NEPTUNE 6, MOONSHINE 5, Strike package is inbound, get out of there now. Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_11 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_11 MOONSHINE 5, NEPTUNE 6, Roger. We’re heading to the OP, there was no chance, so some AA is still active, I say again, some AA is still active. Neptune out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_12 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_12 MOONSHINE 5, this is SUNDOWNER 6, approaching your target. Are we cleared hot? Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_13 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_13 SUNDOWNER 6, MOONSHINE 5, Copy, wait one, Break! NEPTUNE 6 Initiate! I say again Initiate! Break. SUNDOWNER 6, target should be illuminated. Cleared hot, MOONSHINE out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_14 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_14 MOONSHINE 5, SUNDOWNER 6, Roger, engaging. SUNDOWNER out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_15 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_15 MOONSHINE 5, NEPTUNE 6, we’re at the OP, under fire, there’s a pilot bailed out real near us. We’re gonna try an get him. Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_16 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_16 NEPTUNE 6, MOONSHINE 5, Roger, good luck, we’ll advise the Navy. MOONSHINE out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_17 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_17 MOONSHINE 5, NEPTUNE 6, we have the pilot. His wizzo is KIA. We’re heading to the RV. Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_18 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_18 NEPTUNE 6, MOONSHINE 5, Roger, we’ll see you at the RV. MOONSHINE out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_19 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_19 MOONSHINE 5, NEPTUNE 6, the pilot is KIA. We’re under too much fire, moving to RV now. Over.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_20 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_20 NEPTUNE 6, MOONSHINE 5, Roger, sorry to hear that, just try to reach the extract. MOONSHINE out.
CfgRadio vn_radiocom_coop_02_e01_21 STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO02_E01_21 NEPTUNE 6, MOONSHINE 5, We see you approaching the RV, let’s get you on board and get out of here. MOONSHINE out.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_01 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_01 Heads up, killer! This is Lieutenant Bowra, callsign El Cid, I'll be advising you during your mission today. Our teams have succeeded in planting sabotaged ammo in the past – you should, too. But remember that no mission is routine.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_02 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_02 Head over to S-4 and draw any additional weapons you might need. It's the building next to the TOC. Don't forget to take mines!
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_03 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_03 Your CAR-15 is fantastic for recon ops. Plan on carrying 20 mags and at least 10 grenades, plus mines, claymores and smokes. Your pointman needs a suppressed Swedish K for any chance contacts.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_04 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_04 These Chinese AK rounds contain PETN high explosive, with one or two packed in each 640-round "sardine can." An NVA will load a sabotaged round and xin loi!… 'Sorry 'bout that!'
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_05 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_05 Our Vietnamese pilots, the Kingbees, these guys are the best in the business. No matter how bad things get , they will come and get ya. You had better bet Cowboy is ice cold in the middle of a shitstorm.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_06 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_06 Clandestine is your byword. To avoid being spotted during insertion, don't land near any visible enemy presence.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_07 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_07 Stay alert to LZ watchers who will report your landing. The enemy is gonna send trackers after you -- bushwhack 'em and continue your mission.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_08 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_08 Good choice. This LZ is pretty small - hell, the enemy might not even watch it. Once you hit the ground, move fast then hide for ten minutes and LISTEN.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_09 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_09 If there's negative enemy, give Covey a 'Team OK' so he can release the air assets from standby.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_10 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_10 Weather's fair – good-to-go for Tac-Air or an emergency extraction.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_11 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_11 TRACKER! His signal shots mean the NVA is on your ass. Plant some toe-poppers and evade –dog-leg back and forth to throw them off...
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_12 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_12 Sounds like your tracker found your mines. Well done. Now keep moving away from that sound!
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_13 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_13 A high speed trail – the kind the bastards use to move ammo between cache sites. Shadow it north and you might find one.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_14 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_14 Sentries! Avoid contact or the mission will become a lot harder and you'll have to fight for your lives!
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_15 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_15 Until the sentries are out of the way, get in a tight perimeter, face outwards like spokes in a wheel.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_16 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_16 Now's your chance. Plant the spiked ammo cans near the others and un-ass the area!
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_17 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_17 That'll give someone a headache. Now let's get the team outta here before anyone wakes up.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_18 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_18 They're on to you! Remember your immediate action drills and break contact.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_19 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_19 Use Claymores and grenades to buy some distance, then run like fucking hell. Get your asses to an LZ.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_20 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_20 Extraction birds en route! Covey will pick your LZ. Get there fast! Must be a whole battalion in the area.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_21 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_21 You've reached the LZ. Take cover- hold the high ground! Call tac-air on these bastards!
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_22 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_22 Ok! Kingbees are en route, but we gotta hold on! Keep the enemy off the LZ.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_23 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_23 Kingbee is here – Board it, FAST. One-Zero is last to board.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_24 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_24 This sit-down LZ beats flying out on a STABO rig – great if that's all you got, but that rig is one painful-ass way to fly.
CfgSounds vn_coop_01_radiohint_25 STR_VN_HINTS_CO01_25 Welcome back. Head over to the Recon Club for a cold one and swap lessons learned with the other Spike Teams. They weren't sure you'd make it out of there. Job well done.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_01 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_01 This is El Cid, I'll be monitoring your mission today. Hatchet Forces deliver a real gut-punch to the NVA. We've been doing this since 65, but keep in mind, they will do whatever they can to wipe you out today. Go careful.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_02 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_02 Head over to S-4 and draw any weapons you might need. The building next to the T.O.C.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_03 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_03 The M60 or RPD shorty could come in handy today. Or an M79 thumper. Beaucoup targets on that highway. Bring plenty of claymores. Grab a few LAW launchers too.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_04 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_04 Head over to the flight line. Flying slicks today – low level insert under the cloud. Bring a bag – it could get messy!
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_05 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_05 You can nail a lot of enemy hardware with these heavy weapons. Get 'em loaded on the slick.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_06 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_06 This cloud layer is thick. You're gonna be socked in - zero chance of Tac-Air and looks pretty dicey for emergency extract.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_07 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_07 Here it is - MSS Leghorn - sovereign American real estate in the heart of Laos. A home away from home.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_08 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_08 The enemy patrols the base of the mountain. You'll need to slip by them to set up mines on the road.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_09 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_09 Put half your guys near the road with claymores. Watch over them with the big guns from up here.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_10 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_10 OK you're all set up. The show's about to get started. If the bastards go nuts you're gonna need to bug out fast.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_11 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_11 Here they come. Blow the claymores when they're right on 'em. Then whack 'em with the heavy stuff. They're not gonna know what hit them.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_12 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_12 Looks like they're buzzing. Get your team on the hill. Use the mortar and machine guns for cover.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_13 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_13 Nice work - you lit a fire under their asses! That's a lot of scrap metal! Enough for Chief SOG. You can either call in the slicks, or stick around for more fireworks.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_14 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_14 Well that was a close call! You guys sure knocked a dent in the enemy supply train. Nice clean ambush, you poured it on 'em, and bugged out in good time.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_15 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_15 Heads up! Hillsboro is reporting heavy enemy radio traffic. There's a lot of NVA converging on this area.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_16 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_16 Christ, one-zero, you sure got a lot of balls. Keep smacking their trucks. They are desperate to get through.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_17 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_17 OK one-zero, you can either call in the slicks, or stick around for more fireworks. Maybe you've done enough damage today?
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_18 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_18 With no extraction from here, you'll have to bug the team out. Get off this mountain and break south. Watch out for NVA patrols. They're coming in force.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_19 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_19 There are NVA closing in from all sides, pick up the pace! They really have a bug up their ass!
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_20 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_20 OK try and hold this LZ, the slicks are on their way.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_21 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_21 Well that was a really close call! You guys sure knocked a dent in the enemy supply train. Nice clean ambush, you shut down their road for half a day!
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_22 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_22 Ballsy move! This Hatchet Force is really giving 'em hell. Keep hammering that road.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_23 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_23 The NVA have you almost surrounded, it's time to go.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_24 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_24 No deal today! They have this LZ boxed in with triple-A. Your best chance is to break south again. Smoke your back trail and di di mao!
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_25 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_25 OK, there's not much time, the NVA are almost on you, there are hundreds of them! Keep running.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_26 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_26 A BLU-82! Toss smoke on your pos so COVEY doesn't drop it too near you. Stay clear until the bomb goes off, then get in fast! The slicks will be in right behind the blast.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_27 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_27 Hold this LZ, the slicks are here.
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_28 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_28 Well that was too close for comfort! You guys sure knocked out the enemy supply train. Nice clean ambush, you shut down their road for a whole day! Chief SOG will have a cigar for you in Saigon. That BLU-82 was a blast!
CfgSounds vn_coop_02_radiohint_29 STR_VN_HINTS_CO02_29 Welcome back. Head over to the Recon Club for a cold one on me. Make sure to swap lessons learned with the other Spike Teams. Good work one-zero, mission complete.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_01 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_01 This is Sergeant Meyer, callsign Tilt, I'll be advising you during this mission. Every Spike team spends a week in every month standing Bright Light duty.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_02 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_02 Head over to S-4 and draw any weapons you need. It's the building next to the TOC. And make sure you have first aid kits.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_03 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_03 We have some new M16s with suppressors for this one. A little heavier than your CAR15, but could be useful so you can get in quiet and avoid enemy detection.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_04 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_04 Time to head out to the flight line and wait for the call. If it's a good week, you'll get to cool your heels playing poker or even work on your tan.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_05 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_05 Ok this is it! Our guys are in trouble. Time to mount up. Today you're riding with US slick pilots Condor 22. They know the terrain and are used to flying into hot LZ's. Rest assured they will pull you out if you get into shit.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_06 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_06 Ok this is bad. I don't want to spook you, but the A Shau valley is a real shithole, crawling with hardcore NVA troops. Try to avoid contact down there or it could get pretty desperate.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_07 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_07 There's the crash site. It's right in Charlie's backyard, so land a bit further out and try to get there undetected. Those suppressors from Okinawa should help.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_08 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_08 Air assets are stacked up for you on this. Use them when you need them, but try and locate the crew first.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_09 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_09 You're doing great so far, everyone in the team sure appreciates that somebody will come and get them if they get stuck in the shit like this.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_10 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_10 OK here's the site, approach it carefully, check for enemy around the perimeter.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_11 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_11 Damn! looks like Charlie is on high alert the area is crawling with soldiers, deploy your team and take them down as quietly as possible, but watch out for friendlies.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_12 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_12 OK good job, now check for radios, codebooks and flight-plans. Look for any US or ARVN survivors or bodies. Do it quick.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_13 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_13 Bringing back this stuff is important, Charlie has been known to use our radios to listen in to our comms, or even set traps to lure in other helicopter crews.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_14 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_14 So, 3 bodies and 4 helmets. Looks like one of the guys is alive, but he may have been taken. Another team will extract the bodies, see if you can pick up on the trail for the missing pilot.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_15 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_15 A blood trail. This looks promising. See where it goes.This is where the fun starts, be ready...
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_16 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_16 A VC camp! The enemy has a huge network of small camps like this throughout the A Shau. It's one of the reasons we lost whole teams in here.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_17 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_17 Sweep the camp, to see what you're up against. Then take everyone down fast, and find our guy.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_18 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_18 Hmm, No sign of the pilot yet. Have another look, this camp seems too small for the amount of troops here.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_19 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_19 So Charlie has a cave! Better go easy, see who's home.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_20 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_20 Well well well... Charlie has been busy, a tunnel! This may be a much bigger operation than we realised. These rat holes can go on for miles, best get in there and try to find the pilot and get out fast.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_21 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_21 This is some creepy shit, Columbia. Beware booby traps. Charlie uses mines, spikes, murder-holes, even snakes, all kinds of horrible stuff.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_22 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_22 You found him! OK administer first aid fast and let's get the hell out of this shithole. Covey is sending in the Slicks now, let's di di.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_23 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_23 You lost the pilot! OK this is bad news, but keep your head and try to extract the team.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_24 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_24 Run to the Lima Zulu, Charlie knows something's up! There are patrols moving this way, coming fast.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_25 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_25 Covey will start pasting the area to your north. We have tac-air stacked up to 20,000 feet. They can't see much with this cloud, but Coveys doing a good job guiding them to their targets.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_26 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_26 OK here's the LZ, get yourselves spread out for defence, and get on board fast when the slicks hit the dirt. Charlie's gonna be moving in triple A.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_27 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_27 Jump on, let's go home.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_28 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_28 Welcome back Columbia. Head over to the mess and grab some chow for your team. Job well done.
CfgSounds vn_coop_03_radiohint_29 STR_VN_HINTS_CO03_29 Welcome back Columbia. It's a shame we lost the pilot. Get some chow and a shower and head for debrief.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_01 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_01 This is Tilt, I'll be advising you during your mission today. Capturing an enemy prisoner is risky and a lot of teams have failed. Chief SOG is offering 5 days R&R for this one. I'd recommend Taipei.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_02 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_02 Head over to S-4 and draw any additional weapons you may need. It's the building next to the TOC. Don't forget claymores and suppressors!
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_03 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_03 A suppressed M3 will do for the road security. The rest of the team should go "loaded for elephant".
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_04 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_04 Use the claymore to blow the wheels off the truck and stun the driver. Place it side-on so it only takes out the tires. You don't want to harm the driver.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_05 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_05 Keep the prisoner away from the indigs, they may throw him out of the Kingbee. Remember these guys lost family to the communists. They wouldn't think twice seeing if he can fly.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_06 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_06 Avoid being spotted during insertion, don't land near any visible enemy presence.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_07 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_07 Stay alert to LZ watchers who will report your landing. As for trackers -- bushwhack 'em and continue your mission.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_08 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_08 This LZ is small and should work out. Once you hit the ground, move fast then hide and LISTEN.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_09 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_09 Send Covey a "Team OK" so he can release the air assets from standby.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_10 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_10 Weather's not too bad – good-to-go for your team's extraction.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_11 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_11 There are rumours of an NVA battalion in this area. Plant toe-poppers and dog-leg to avoid trackers. Now go find that road.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_12 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_12 OK well shit just got interesting, the NVA has a fucking triple-A site here! You must be really near to the battalion HQ! Back away from it and find the road. Damn, this could really fuck up the extract.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_13 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_13 OK here's your road – setup an observation post and monitor traffic and activity. Watch out for security patrols.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_14 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_14 Looks like Ho Chi Minh's planning a big party in the South. There's enough ordnance on those trucks to really ruin someone's day.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_15 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_15 OK move along the road north and see if you can find a good ambush spot. You'll be looking for a blind corner with good cover and easy egress.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_16 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_16 Security patrol! Avoid contact or the mission will fail and you'll have to fight your way out!
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_17 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_17 This will do. Light's failing, find a suitable RON site for the team to camp til morning.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_18 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_18 OK one-zero, setup the team here in the briar thicket. Put out remote trigger claymores and sit tight til morning. No snoring!
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_19 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_19 Shhh! Sau reports somethings coming! Wake everybody up... be really quiet.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_20 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_20 NVA! They haven't seen you, so stay totally quiet and still.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_21 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_21 Sau says they are from the triple-A site. They are worried that their security element hasn't showed up yet...
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_22 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_22 OK, track them to their site, and check it out. Go easy one zero. If there's any risk of compromise, back off. Grab your claymores and hustle.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_23 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_23 OK here's the plan: Take these fuckers down fast, wipe out the gun teams and then head for the road.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_24 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_24 Set up a claymore facing across the road. Remember you only want to take out the tires!
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_25 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_25 Don't try to bite off too much here. Leave it 'til a solo truck comes along.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_26 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_26 Good work! Now hogtie the poor commie bastard and stick him with a syrette.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_27 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_27 You'll be glad you hit that triple-A now, head west fast, this shits about to go south.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_28 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_28 The Kingbees are coming! Covey will pick your LZ. Get there fast! The noise will have woken up that battalion!
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_29 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_29 Here's the LZ. Take cover - hold this high ground! Call tac-air on the treeline!
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_30 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_30 Kingbees are on the way, hold on! Keep the enemy off the LZ.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_31 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_31 Shit! The prisoner got zapped. OK never mind, keep laying it down you still gotta get home!
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_32 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_32 Kingbee's here – get the team on board, fast!
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_33 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_33 Well, you lost that commie, but the team made it out. Job done, shame about the Taipei gig. Maybe next time.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_34 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_34 Kingbee's here – load the prisoner first, and get the fuck outta this place.
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_35 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_35 You made it! So many teams failed to get these kids back to camp. Even cut them off the strings when they put up a fight. You boys are off to Taipei, courtesy of Chief SOG!
CfgSounds vn_coop_04_radiohint_36 STR_VN_HINTS_CO04_36 Welcome back. Maybe skip the Recon Club and pack your shit, the bird is leaving for Da Nang. Best keep your head down or you may get sent out on a Bright Light before you make it outta the FOB. Well done One-zero!
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_01 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_01 This is El Cid, I'll be advising you during this mission. Wiretaps are straightforward, so long as you don't get spotted.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_02 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_02 Head over to S-4 and draw any additional weapons you may need. It's the building next to the TOC. Don't forget suppressors and your wiretap kit!
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_03 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_03 A suppressed Sten will do for any trail security. Useful for snatching a prisoner if the opportunity arises.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_04 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_04 We use the 414 wiretap kit to intercept enemy commo by connecting it to a landline and recording the chatter. Place it carefully so it doesn't get spotted.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_05 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_05 Your interpreter Sau will monitor the commo while it's recording. Remember you need to call in the code word when it's hooked up.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_06 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_06 This looks like a suitable LZ. It's remote but within reach of the trail area to the Northeast.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_07 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_07 Neutralise any LZ watchers or trail watchers who get in the team's way. Use toe-poppers to fix any trackers. They step over a log and it's Xin loi!
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_08 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_08 Time to send Covey the 'Team OK'. Plant toe-poppers and dog-leg to avoid the trackers. Now go find a trail.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_09 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_09 You'll be here overnight, so keep an eye open for a remote, defendable RON site.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_10 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_10 The briefing let us know there's beaucoup enemy here, expect trails packed with troops and couriers.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_11 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_11 OK here's your trail – setup near the land line and monitor activity. Watch out for security patrols.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_12 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_12 It wraps to the left, so it's definitely NVA wire. Your 414 kit can monitor 25 miles of voice traffic, so you should get something useful here.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_13 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_13 Sau dug a small hole for the ground return, and caked the cable in mud. Now he'll monitor the commo and dub any important notes direct to the tape. Let's hope the passing troops don't notice it.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_14 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_14 Heads down! This trail sure is busy today. If anyone spots the cable, zap him with your suppressor and hide the body and blood fast.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_15 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_15 Oh shit, OK wipe them out silently.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_16 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_16 Well done, you kept it quiet, now stash the bodies and bikes fast.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_17 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_17 Good job, more meat for the wildlife.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_18 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_18 I guess this cable is too easy to spot, grab the kit and have the Team move out.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_19 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_19 Ok, fuck it… time to go, grab the recorder and clear the area before the NVA show up in force!
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_20 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_20 This will do for a RON. Plenty of cover and concealment - time to get comfortable til morning. Don't forget to set out claymores.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_21 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_21 Sau says there was chatter about a Trung Ta nearby. That's a light colonel. Might be worth seeing if you can grab him, if his camp is not too well guarded. Maybe check it out at first light.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_22 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_22 Shhh! something's coming! That ain't a monkey. Easy does it... Just another night in Prairie Fire.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_23 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_23 Time to check in with Moonbeam.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_24 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_24 OK time to wake everyone up and break squelch with Covey. He's gotta be up there somewhere.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_25 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_25 Those NVA last night were heading north, track them to their camp and check it out. This is awfully risky, but might be worth it. If there's any risk of compromise, back off and extract.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_26 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_26 Looks like the Colonels in that billet. Well it's your call one-zero. If you think the team can take the camp down then go for it.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_27 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_27 OK, that's them all down - your team sure has the right moves for recon work. Grab that Trung Ta and any intel and get out of here.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_28 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_28 Well you nailed them, but the Colonel didn't make it and there's more NVA coming, you need to leave. Grab whatever intel you can find.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_29 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_29 Shit they have you surrounded. Hole up and pray Covey can work his magic. The team's in real trouble here.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_30 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_30 This is getting real bad, you'll need to fight your way through them and break south.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_31 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_31 The Gnats are on their way! Covey has picked the best LZ. Get there fast! Sounds like a whole damn regiment is on its way!
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_32 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_32 Here's the LZ… Whaaat the fuck? What is this place? Take cover and hold out til the extraction birds get here! Call tac-air on that treeline!
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_33 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_33 Woo boy! Look at that! The Cobras are sure doing some damage. Gnats are on the way, hold on! Keep the enemy back.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_34 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_34 Ok the Gnats are here... Time to di di!
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_35 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_35 HQ is gonna love this recording. Shame you didn't bag that light colonel. That's a weeks R&R down the pan. Let's hope there's some useful intel on the tape.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_36 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_36 Load the colonel on board and extract. It's getting too hot down here.
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_37 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_37 Well done one zero, the NVA are sure gonna be sore you bagged a Colonel. You'll get a week in Tokyo at least!
CfgSounds vn_coop_05_radiohint_38 STR_VN_HINTS_CO05_38 Welcome back. Drop the gear off at the TOC and then hit the showers and the recon bar. Don't forget to get your indigs some chow. They sure saved your ass back there.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_01 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_01 This is Staff Sgt. Jim Shorten, callsign "Wild Carrot", I'll be advising you for this mission. Oscar 8 is a motherfucker target. You must have pissed off the S3 real bad to get assigned this one.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_02 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_02 Head over to S-4 and draw your weapons. Don't forget explosives.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_03 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_03 Breaching charges and satchels will be handy to sabotage any trucks you find before bugging out of the target.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_04 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_04 The 176th are flying you in today, the Minutemen are solid operators. For air support you've been assigned the Muskets gunships and the marines' Eagle Claw cobras... this much heat will be necessary to get you out of that hole.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_05 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_05 This is the LZ Covey ID'd for you this mornin. Looks OK I guess. Let's hope the Arclight got most of 'em.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_06 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_06 Send Covey the "Team OK" only when you're sure it's safe. Now let's see what the air force hit.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_07 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_07 Holy shit, the Minutemen just got taken out! Now you're in trouble. Fight your way off this open area, dig in and call Tac-Air! This is gonna be a shit-show!
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_08 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_08 Get the team into cover one-zero, do it now!
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_09 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_09 They have tanks to the west, and it's too open. You're gonna have to fight east through their camp. You must have landed right in the regimental HQ of the 559th. OK one-zero, let's keep the team together and fight hard, maybe in the confusion you can make it to a safe extract.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_10 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_10 Take out these bunkers while they're still dazed from the Arclight!
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_11 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_11 Ok, with all the craziness going on, nobody seems to know you're here… Use the opportunity to ditch those explosives, take out the ammo and fuel stores here, and bug out. It may distract the NVA from finding you. Don't hang around here longer than 5 mikes.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_12 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_12 That'll keep them busy putting out fires, and they may confuse the cooking off ammo for a firefight. Keep moving south-east, gotta find a safe extract.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_13 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_13 Damn it! We're losing a lot of good men today. Just keep the team moving, they won't leave you here.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_14 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_14 Looks like a truck park, if you've still got any explosives, set charges and keep moving, give it max... 5 mikes.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_15 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_15 OK that P12 radar truck is fucking up your extraction, either take it out or mark it for air.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_16 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_16 Well done taking care of the radar. Now how about we knock out that HQ hootch? Could be General Giap himself in there.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_17 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_17 Ha! Well you sure FUCKED them up!
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_18 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_18 OK one-zero, it's time to get out of here, get the team to the river.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_19 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_19 Ok, fuck it… time to get wet, either swim it, or grab a boat before the NVA realise where you are. The marine cobras will keep their heads down! Get it done!
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_20 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_20 OK, you made it across, good job, now get your asses to the LZ and hold the bastards off til the extraction birds get there.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_21 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_21 MINUTEMAN 2 is inbound! This is a good LZ Keep the bastards off it! Call tac-air on the western shore!
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_22 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_22 Oh boy! Look at that! The NVA navy just got a gift from Uncle Sam. Ok MINUTEMAN is here... Time to di di!
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_23 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_23 Fuckin' Oscar Eight man. That damned target. We lost so many good pilots today, but at least you guys kicked the shit out of the NVA down there. HQ should nuke that fucking target.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_24 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_24 Welcome back. Grab a bite to eat and get back on the ship, we need every team on Bright Light. It's gonna be a long night...
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_25 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_25 Well done taking care of the radar.
CfgSounds vn_coop_06_radiohint_26 STR_VN_HINTS_CO06_26 Now how about we knock out that HQ hootch? Could be General Giap himself in there.
CfgSounds vn_coop_07_radiohint_13 STR_VN_HINTS_CO07_13 A high speed trail – the kind the bastards use to move ammo between cache sites. Shadow it and you might find one.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_01 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_01 Welcome to Temporary Duty man. You ain't mad, I'm Staff Sergeant Jim Shorten, the S-1 asked me to show you around. I'll be like a voice in your head 'til you get your shit squared away.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_02 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_02 This shit-hole is Pleiku. Try not to breathe in the dust or you'll be coughing all night.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_03 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_03 Jump in the quarter-ton - we'll head out to the range. It's on the other side of the flight-line.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_04 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_04 It gets kinda busy here, Pleiku is a launch site for all kinds of ops.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_05 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_05 I did my first tour here in the Navy down at Da Nang, then I volunteered for airborne just like you.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_06 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_06 Hey if you get a free night in Saigon, check out the Kitty Bar. They got a chick there by the name of Yen, tell her Jimi sent ya.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_07 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_07 OK here's the range, help yourself to whatever... shoot to the East so you don't hit anything important.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_08 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_08 Armed Forces Vietnam radio - the music is sweet but the ads suck. That button-snatcher dude needs to get fragged.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_10 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_10 Ok time to go, the slick will take you on up to Quan Loi. You'll be able to get in some real practice up there... it gets hot, especially at night.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_11 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_11 Don't forget to use earplugs in the huey. It'll keep you sane.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_12 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_12 Well here it is, Quan Loi Base Camp. It's near an old rubber plantation, though not much of that is left. They don't call it Rocket City for nothin'!
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_13 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_13 And here it is! Right on time! Charlie has some mortars out there. Report to the command bunker and keep your head down. Don't wanna catch any shrapnel.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_14 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_14 Well the captain is happy to have you here on TDY, he said to take a patrol out and familiarise yourself with the neighborhood. See if you can find those fuckin mortars.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_15 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_15 Watch out for traps out here, Charlie likes to leave tripwires and them punji stakes. Ugh, they give me the creeps, the VC rub their shit on 'em to give 'em extra flavor! Fuckin animals.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_16 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_16 Lower your weapon, it makes you move better and you won't look so much like a freaked out cherry!
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_17 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_17 Ok, easy does it, use your walk key to go slowly, it will reduce your noise... and crouch or crawl to be less visible. Out here, noise discipline is key to survival. Only cherries run.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_18 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_18 Good shootin'! If you still got any C4 plant it on the tube. If we had more time I'd show ya how to use gasoline to sabotage one of these. Charlie doesn't know a thing until he goes to drop a round in and blows himself and his buddies to pieces… hehehe
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_19 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_19 That's one team that won't be fuckin with us tonight. Good job.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_20 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_20 Wow, what happened to those guys? Looks like their ammo malfunctioned. Dumb bastards.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_21 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_21 Another mortar team taken out. Good job.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_22 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_22 Ok it's time to head back... you do not wanna get stuck out here after dark. Easy does it going back into camp. Make sure you don't get shot up by Yards thinking you're a VC.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_23 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_23 Your team is needed at the radio relay! They just killed a sapper in the wire.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_24 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_24 Ok watch the wire to the south, that's where they shot the VC.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_25 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_25 Remember your drills! When near a wall or bunker or laying down, you can rest your weapon and hold your breath to stabilise it.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_26 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_26 Nail them sonsabitches before they can blow up your wire.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_27 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_27 The captain said they think there's sappers bypassing this hill and creeping up to the main camp. Check your north.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_28 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_28 Ok time to call up some support. Use your radio action to get some lumes on the perimeter, then call HE on any fuckin' sappers dumb enough to go for the camp.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_29 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_29 Ok you'd better get back to the camp, there's reports of a lot of enemy further out, it's gonna be busy tonight. Take the quarter-ton.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_30 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_30 VC! Take them out and keep driving! Get to the camp!
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_31 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_31 The VC are comin! Get to a bunker and find a machine gun!
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_32 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_32 Pick your shots, use small bursts! Don't let the flash blind you.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_33 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_33 Aim just below their muzzle-flashes. Use tracers to adjust your shots.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_34 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_34 Use grenades if you hear 'em gettin' close. Remember to check which type you've got!
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_35 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_35 Here come the cavalry! These guys will dig you out of the shit so many times on your tour. If you see them back at Pleiku always buy them a beer.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_36 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_36 Well you did real good for your first time. You might wanna ditch this TDY and sign on for a special unit I just joined myself.
CfgSounds vn_sp_01_radiohint_37 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP01_37 One of my old navy buddies is down at the pier, he'll take you to Da Nang. When you get there ask for FOB4, it's right on China Beach, tell them Wild Carrot sent ya! If I see you in the recon bar, I'll buy you a Savage!
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_02 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_02 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_02 Hey little brother it's me Dung. You are not crazy, I'm still training in the north, but today, like a dream, I will stand beside you and teach you something OK?
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_03 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_03 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_03 New village of Kiem Tra has grown brother. Ba would be proud of you defending it when the foreign soldiers come.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_04 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_04 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_04 The local forces have received new weapons from the north last night. You can walk down to the river and practice shooting.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_05 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_05 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_05 Many bad things happened in the old village when the French came. They took Ba away. It is good that big sister is far away in Saigon now. Only you can defend home village.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_06 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_06 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_06 OK here are the weapons from the north, try shooting them across river so you don't hit Tiens buffalo.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_07 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_07 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_07 After you finish your practice, you can answer the radio.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_08 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_08 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_08 The 22-millimeter rifle grenade is expensive. You can fire frag, flares, and smoke grenades and even use a special HEAT grenade against tanks. But the grenades are old, don't risk your life on them.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_09 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_09 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_09 It is a great honour to be allowed to operate these machine guns. You can kill many enemies with them. But, little brother, always remember to fire in short bursts.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_10 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_10 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_10 The Chinese rifle is very good, never breaks, lasts a long time. Make sure you clean it often.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_11 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_11 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_11 This equipment is very rare, you must be careful. You can see enemies very far away. Only specially trained militia can use it. You must learn how to rest the weapon on the ground and when to hold your breath.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_12 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_12 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_12 The SKS rifle is accurate and some can fire grenades. It has a bayonet for stabbing enemies, and an optic for specially trained men.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_13 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_13 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_13 Keep a pistol nearby at all times brother. It can save your life when soldiers find you.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_14 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_14 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_14 Ba used this for hunting ducks. It is crazy to use in battle, but if you have nothing else, it is still good enough to kill enemies! You can cut off the barrel but that annoy the ghost of Ba.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_15 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_15 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_15 The carbine is American, it came from the Japan war. It's old but reliable and not very heavy. Good for a young soldier.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_16 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_16 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_16 This is an automatic machinegun... it shoots very fast, kills lot of enemies brother. There are others in the box like this one.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_17 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_17 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_17 When you go to fight, always carry many grenades… frags and smoke. If you're really lucky you can get anti-tank grenades. It kills enemy tank easily.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_18 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_18 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_18 We have two types of rocket. Old B40 and new B41. Both can kill an enemy tank, but better for helicopter or enemy patrol ambush. Carry a special pack of rockets for it.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_19 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_19 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_19 It is good you learned to make booby-traps for enemy soldiers. Keep them away from village. Make traps with food cans and grenades or with bamboo spikes, and hurt enemy soldiers so they will give up.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_20 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_20 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_20 These big guns from north are for defending camp. Try them all. The fifty-one is best, to kill helicopters when they come.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_21 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_21 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_21 We use 60 and 82 millimetre Chinese mortars for attacking the American camp. They fire HE, smoke and even flares to light up the area. You can use a special artillery map for fire-missions, or the optic if you can see the enemy close.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_22 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_22 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_22 Ok little brother, practice over, go back to the village.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_23 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_23 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_23 Oh no! When helicopters come like that it means soldiers soon come. Hurry back to the village!
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_24 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_24 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_24 You must take traps from the cache, so they are not found, put them by the old village so the enemy soldiers walk on them! You must hurry!
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_25 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_25 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_25 Quickly before the soldiers come, set traps all around this place. Make them pay!
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_26 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_26 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_26 Good, now go hide in the forest and wait for the enemy. When they come you ambush them in open fields.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_27 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_27 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_27 You can see whole area from here. This is a good place little brother. Let the soldiers come... when they stand in the field, you shoot them.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_28 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_28 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_28 Be patient, and stay hidden brother. Wait til for the right time to fire.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_29 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_29 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_29 Ok, now shoot! Get as many as you can before they see you.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_30 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_30 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_30 It's time for Hoang to go. Run to the others in the camp, so the enemies follow you. Then they will not cause problems in the village.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_31 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_31 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_31 Run now brother, if helicopters come, you will die here.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_32 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_32 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_32 There are bunkers here to protect you. Use heavy weapons to shoot the enemies who come.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_33 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_33 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_33 Shoot all enemies with the machine guns, make them pay for coming here.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_34 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_34 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_34 Quick, shoot at the helicopter! Stop him shooting the camp!
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_35 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_35 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_35 Well done brother! You will get a special medal for that in the north. Now you must go. Lots of enemies coming now. Go to the west, there is a secret place there.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_36 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_36 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_36 Keep running Hoang, don't die here. Go quickly!
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_37 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_37 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_37 OK, this is a tunnel for the special VC forces. You go inside now, quickly before soldiers come.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_38 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_38 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_38 Go deep inside the tunnel brother, it goes for miles, you be safe now.
CfgSounds vn_sp_02_e_radiohint_39 | vn_sp_02_v_radiohint_39 STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP02_39 The village is all gone now, no reason to stay, come to the north and help the army! We will come back and fight together... throw foreign soldiers out of our homeland!

Export function

private _cfgSounds = configFile >> "CfgSounds";
private _cfgRadio = configFile >> "CfgRadio";

private _fnc_getData = {
	params ["_config", "_formatClass", "_formatText"];
	private _data = [];
	for "_mission" from 1 to 20 do {
		private _missionStr = if (_mission < 10) then {format ["0%1", _mission]} else {str _mission};
		for "_dialog" from 1 to 100 do {
			private _dialogStr = if (_dialog < 10) then {format ["0%1", _dialog]} else {str _dialog};
			private _class = format [_formatClass, _missionStr, _dialogStr, "e"];
			private _string = format [_formatText, _missionStr, _dialogStr];
			if (!isLocalized _string || {!isClass (_config >> _class)}) exitWith {
				diag_log [_class, isClass (_config >> _class), _string, isLocalized _string];
			private _classViet = format [_formatClass, _missionStr, _dialogStr, "v"];
			if (_classViet != _class) then {
				_class = _class + " | " + _classViet;
			_data pushBack [_class, localize _string, _string];
	_data // return

private _fnc_buildTable = {
	private _tableText = "{| class=""wikitable sortable""
	! Config !! Class !! String key !! Text" + endl;

		private _config = configName _cfgRadio;
		_x params ["_class", "_text", "_textKey"];
		_tableText = _tableText + "|-" + endl + "| " + "[" + "https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/" + _config +" " + _config + "]" + " || " + _class + " || " + _textKey + " || " + "<b>" + _text + "</b>" + endl;
	} forEach radioData; 

		private _config = configName _cfgSounds;
		_x params ["_class", "_text", "_textKey"];
		_tableText = _tableText + "|-" + endl + "| " + "[" + "https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/" + _config +" " + _config + "]" + " || " + _class + " || " + _textKey + " || " + "<b>" + _text + "</b>" + endl;
	} forEach soundsData; 

	(_tableText + endl + "|}") // return

radioData = [];
soundsData = [];

// 1.0 coop
radioData append ([_cfgRadio, "vn_radiocom_coop_%1_%2", "STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO%1_%2"] call _fnc_getData);
soundsData append  ([_cfgSounds, "vn_coop_%1_radiohint_%2", "STR_VN_HINTS_CO%1_%2"] call _fnc_getData);

// 1.2 coop
radioData append ([_cfgRadio, "vn_radiocom_coop_%1_e01_%2", "STR_VN_RCOMMS_CO%1_E01_%2"] call _fnc_getData);

// 1.0 sp
soundsData append ([_cfgSounds, "vn_sp_%1_radiohint_%2", "STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP%1_%2"] call _fnc_getData);
soundsData append ([_cfgSounds, "vn_sp_%1_%3_radiohint_%2", "STR_VN_RCOMMS_SP%1_%2"] call _fnc_getData);

private _table = ([] call _fnc_buildTable);
// copyToClipboard _table; // causes encoding issues
text _table // return