Cinematic Base

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Cinematic Base

This page will guide you through adding the Cinematic Base module to your mission.

This module is the main module in the cinematic modules suite, this module controls autoplay, looping, and event handling for in-game cinematics.

Eden Editor

To add the module to your mission all you need to do is place the module Cinematic Base into your mission, syncing the first Cinematic Shot module to it.

The attributes for the module will allow you to change the following,

  • Autoplay
    • Should the cinematic automatically start when the mission starts.
  • Loop
    • Should the cinematic automatically loop.
  • Run on Start
    • Code that is run when the cinematic starts.
  • Run on End
    • Code that is run when the cinematic ends.
  • Run on Loop
    • Code that is run when the cinematic loops.

Configuration Files

There are no configuration files for this module