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Camera Shot

This page will guide you through adding the Camera Shot module to your mission.

This module is the main shot module in the cinematic modules suite, this module needs to be synced to other Camera Shot modules in a chain, this chain is what determines the next camera shot in the cinematic sequence.

E.g. Cinematic Base <-> Camera Shot #1 <-> Camera Shot #2 <-> Camera Shot #3

'<->' is a connection between the two modules

Eden Editor

To add the module to your mission all you need to do is place the module Cinematic Base into your mission and sync it to either a Cinematic Base or Cinematic Shot module.

The attributes for the module will allow you to change the following,

  • Length
    • Time of the shot in seconds.
  • Time Acceleration
    • Time acceleration during the shot.
  • Start Position
    • Start position of the camera.
  • End Position
    • End position of the camera.
  • Target Position
    • Position the camera will target during the shot.
  • Start FOV
    • The start FOV of the shot.
  • End FOV
    • The end FOV of the shot.
  • Cinematic Border
    • Should the shot have a cinematic border.
  • Environmental Audio
    • Should environmental audio play during the shot.
  • Preload Textures
    • Should textures be preloaded before the shot begins.
  • Intro Effect
    • What intro effect should play at the start of the shot.
  • Intro Duration
    • How long the intro effect should take to run.
  • Outro Effect
    • What outro effect should play at the start of the shot.
  • Outro Duration
    • How long the outro effect should take to run.
  • Vision Mode
    • Vision mode during for this shot.
  • Focus
    • DOF and focus during the shot.
  • Attach To
    • Object that the camera should be attached to.
  • Attached Position
    • Attached offset to the object.
  • Run on Start
    • Code that will run when the shot starts.

Configuration Files

There are no configuration files for this module